The Subscription Box Network (SBN), the first affiliate marketing program dedicated solely to the subscription box industry, released its new website and brand. The new subscription box affiliate network site can be viewed here.

Subscription box affiliate network site opens new doors for the subcom industry

The exclusive network was borne out of a need to accommodate the rapid growth of a flourishing subscription box industry. The subscription box model has become more and more prevalent as both large retailers and small startups continue to see it as a very effective method of distribution. There are anywhere between 400 to 600 subscription box companies in the U.S. alone with that number increasing daily. At the same time, the use of affiliate marketing continues to see explosive growth in online business. And that’s to put it mildly when considerign the sheer number of businesses that rely on it as a major source of income. SBN meets the growth of these two areas with their one of a kind service. As the only affiliate network for the subscription box industry, SBN offers cost-effective and targeted solutions that help customers truly make the most out of the marketing budgets. To see a full list of the benefits of joining SBN, click here.

The creators of SBN have worked heavily in the industry and know firsthand what it takes to for a subscription box company to succeed. Experience teaches not only what to do, but also what not to do. In drawing upon their expertise, SBN has designed a service that allows both new and established subscription box companies to enter the affiliate marketing space at minimal cost and effort.

Subscription Box Network - Subscription box affiliate network site

The site offers their comprehensive services to both advertisers and affiliates alike. A clean and inviting interface make the process of signing up swift and easy. A user can have an account set up and ready to go within a few minutes pending site approval. Once logged in, registered users will have access to a range of tailored back-end options that help with account management. Features such as live chat, back-end support, and a knowledge base were also added and reflect SBN’s commitment to customer service.

Our creative team also produced SBN’s new logo which features an iconic gift box at its center.