ThreeCell is pleased to announce the new online brand of the Electrician Information Resource (EIR) company. The final site can be viewed at here. As a comprehensive electrician website that caters to both novice and veteran electricians, the EIR site offers something for everyone with an interest in the industry.

Building an electrician website

EIR is first and foremost an information resource as its name suggests. The engaging 100+ page site offers detailed information about succeeding in the electrician field and makes the process of learning quick, fun and easy. Given its broad appeal, the site’s content is written in an easy to understand style that takes technical concepts and breaks them down in simple terms. A good example of this can be found on the electrician math page which provides an explanation of practical formulas and theories. The site also offers information on the job side of things. Visitors can get answers to questions on topics such as what an apprentice should bring for the first day on the job to what kind of salary a journeyman should expect. EIR as a company is owned and operated by Dusten Hueber, a seasoned electrician with a passion for sharing information and helping others learn. The EIR project was first conceived when Dusten saw a major need for a site that provided quality information in “plain English”. To learn more about Dusten’s history and what drives his desire to teach others, click here.

It’s not hard to imagine how content on an electrician website can get real technical real fast. Tech talk of any kind can be off-putting for beginners and can end up being a major road block on their journey. This being the case, it was even more important for us to make sure that the design was as welcoming as the content. Throughout the project, each of our design choices were guided by a simple truth. People often learn best when they are comfortable.

Electrician Information Resource - electrician website

As part of EIR’s redesign, our team produced a logo to ground the company’s new brand (no pun intended.) The triangle-shaped emblem bears a clean design and contains subtle technical references that tradesmen are likely to spot. A refined san serif font face was chosen to give the new emblem a modern style.