Medical Association Website - Florida Gastroenterologic SocietyThreeCell is pleased to announce the launch of the new medical association website for the Florida Gastroenterologic Society (FGS). The site can be viewed at

The power of a medical association website

One of the main goals of an association is to serve as a meaningful bridge between industry professionals and policy makers. At the end of the day, an association is only as effective as the communication it enables and this holds true for any industry. Our past work with associations has given us a deep appreciation of this fact and in creating the new FGS website, we knew we were building more than just an informational site. We were laying the foundations of an online community for years to come.

As FGS’s main communication tool, the new website has many far-reaching effects. The site features a fresh and modern design that reflects the FGS’s commitment to advancing the industry in the current political climate. The news section and blog gives visitors an easy way to stay up to date with the latest association news. As an information resource as well as a tool, FGS’s new site also provides information on the current society events, B2B opportunities, and CME resources.

Ease of use is important in the design of any site. But it’s especially important when addressing a group of doctors who have varying degrees of technical know-how. It’s a common saying in the design field that if something isn’t easy to use, it won’t get used no matter how good it looks. This being truer than most realize, we laid the site out to be as simple and intuitive as possible for all users. Visitors can learn about the association’s history, leadership, and mission within a few clicks. A list of membership benefits provides a convenient way for visitors to gauge value and determine whether the association is a good match for their needs. Interested users can also apply for membership by filling out a simple online form. Once logged in, members will have access to exclusive content and a host of member tools. Within the member section is a complete directory that provides a convenient way for members to get and stay in touch with each other.

The FGS website represents a new era of growth and enhanced service for the fast-growing medical association.