Cyber Secure IPS recently launched its new data security website and corporate brand. As part of a global marketing campaign, ThreeCell was contracted to produce a new look for the data security firm based in Germantown, MD. The completed website can be viewed at

CyberSecure IPS - Data Security WebsiteData security is an important consideration for any business and most of the time standard measures to protect information will suffice. But when the stakes are high and there is zero room for error, it’s only those services on the bleeding-edge of technology that will do. This is the market in which Cyber Secure IPS has made a name for itself. The company delivers its data protection services to a largely military and government audience. To view a partial list of their clientele, click here. Cyber Secure IPS can also lay claim to an industry first. As a flagship product in and of itself, it is also the world’s first U.S. government certified monitoring application of its kind. A full list of the company’s extensive data protection services can be viewed here.

Branding a data security website

When we sat down to create our client’s new brand, we were quick to see that the company was offering top of the line services to high-end customers. It’s not uncommon for a data security website to feature images of thick cable and wires. It’s a literal approach to design which can certainly work in the right context. However, given our client’s audience, we felt it was more effective to focus on depicting concepts. It was important to us for users to be able to connect with the core values of the company. When customers understand the goals that drive a company, they can have real peace of mind. In building a online customer experience, we wanted all the traits that describe the Cyber Secure IPS to be visually express in full. Custom collages were created to deliver specific messages that just couldn’t be fully captured with a single image. This commitment to technological excellence is reflected in the sites refined graphics and modern design. The custom homepage banners illustrate a variety of relevant applications of the company’s main products and services. The site features a simple and clean interface that makes accessing information quick and easy.

We believe the end results were highly effective.