Association Management WebsiteBouck Management Associates (BMA) released their new association management website and logo. The site can be viewed at and the logo can be viewed at the right.

The new site features a refreshing modern style that speak to the company’s commitment to pushing the limits of industry standards. Meanwhile, the custom rotating banners on the homepage speak to the breadth of BMA’s services. A simple but sleek user interface displays information in an intuitive manner. While BMA specializes in managing medical societies, their custom services are available to all clients across the board. These include membership support, event planning, strategic planning, marketing, and CME development. To learn more about BMA’s services, click here. These comprehensive offerings are symbolized by the subtle umbrella icon found in the new BMA logo. The logo design as a whole represents the all-inclusive services BMA provides. Just like an umbrella that provides full coverage for its user, BMA offers similar benefits and peace of mind for its clients.

Our approach to creating an association management website

As a digital agency, ThreeCell brings a wealth of experience when it comes to creating and marketing association management websites. We’ve worked extensively in this industry and as a result, bring a practical understanding of the field and how to succeed in it. This knowledge played a major role in shaping the project on both small and large scales. When our team first set out to produce BMA’s brand, we immediately identified the key qualities that made the company unique. It was clear to us that BMA was distinct because of its experience. True experience isn’t measured in just years. The type of experience matters as well. As a family-owned business run by father and son (Bill and Justin Bouck), BMA’s leadership brings  the best of two generations combining traditional strategies with the latest cutting-edge technologies. By using BMA’s services, clients take advantage of the best past and present tools to help achieve their goals.

The site’s graphics were made to reflect this in full with a mixture of both modern and traditional styles. Custom banners were also used throughout the site in order to deliver tailored messages on each page. Having said all this, each of these company qualities steered our designs and have been woven into BMA’s new brand. We believe the final products reflect BMA’s past, present, and future role in this industry.