American College of Radiation OncologyThreeCell is pleased to announce the launch of the American College of Radiation Oncology’s (ACRO) new website. The new medical association website can be viewed at

As one of the premier associations for the radiation oncology sub specialty, ACRO contracted ThreeCell to produce an online presence that would accurately reflect their fast-growing position in the industry. The new ACRO site is an impressive and fitting display of the college’s many extensive services and serves a major role in the association’s member acquisition and retention efforts. The site provides a host features including a video gallery, advance search and event calendar. Users can easily stay up to date with association happenings by visiting the news section. In looking to increase industry interaction, the site provides an event calendar so members can plan their networking opportunities accordingly. A secure members only section grants association members access to exclusive content, news, and documents.

Building and Branding a Medical Association website

American College of Radiation Oncology (ACRO) - Medical Association WebsiteOne of the main functions of a medical association is to unify an industry and bring about beneficial changes for both doctors and the very patients they serve. While this is often acknowledged, it’s rarely expressed in the actual look and feel of a medical association website. When our team first sat down to consider branding ideas, we knew this theme of industry unity and patient-care would be the primary drive the project. From the homepage banners to the subtle visual elements throughout the site, ACRO’s new brand communicates a clean, modern, yet personal style.

It’s not uncommon for medical association websites to offer a wealth of information. How that information is presented, ordered, and accessed is vital in providing a seamless user experience. ACRO’s user base includes everything from new residents to veteran doctors, each with varying degrees of computer skills. This being the case, our team created a simple and fluid interface that accommodated all types of users. All relevant information can be accessed within 2 clicks or less. To maximize accessibility, the site was designed to be fully responsive and mobile-friendly.

We believe the final product impressively captures the vision and mission of the American College of Radiation Oncology.