Godwin Plastic Surgery recently launched its new corporate brand and online presence. The plastic surgery website can be viewed at www.godwinplasticsurgery.com.

Key features of the site include an elegant design, a simple interface, and a dynamic photo gallery. The site offers a wealth of information about Dr. Ken Godwin’s procedures which range from breast augmentations to tummy tucks. Visitors can also learn about Dr. Godwin’s extensive qualifications and meticulous approach to his work. Designed with usability in mind, the site provides quick access to relevant information within no more than two clicks. An online portfolio which includes comparison photos was also created to showcase the results of Dr. Godwin’s work.

When ThreeCell’s team first set out to create this new brand, we had unique factors to consider. At the profession’s core, doctors don’t have customers. They have patients. This fact needed to be captured in the plastic surgery website’s new look. The topic of making changes to one’s body or face can already be a sensitive one. Perhaps not helping matters is the fact that many plastic surgery websites emphasize the glamour and glitz side of the industry. This made it all the more important to us that users had a comfortable environment within which they could learn about the practice and its available services.

As a surgeon, Dr. Godwin’s has a reputation for producing natural-looking results and providing personal patient care. These would be the main distinguishing factors that set his services apart from the field. As branding experts, it was our job to make sure that highlighting these qualities would be the driving force behind all of our creative decisions.

Godwin Plastic Surgery - Plastic Surgery WebsiteGodwin Plastic Surgery Logo

Anchoring this new brand is the practice’s new logo. While the practice offers procedures for men, its clientele is made up of predominantly women. That being the case, an elegant silhouette of a woman’s body serves as a distinct visual representation of the many procedures offered by Dr. Godwin’s practice.