Our Process

The ThreeCell Process

ThreeCell draws upon years of high-level marketing and branding experience. This is well-reflected in the ThreeCell process and the streamlined way in which we move a project from start to completion. More than just a collection of steps, its the foundation on which we’ve built our client relations since the beginning. It’s fluid and flexible yet structured and efficient.

It’s been said that tactics win battles, but strategies win wars

It’s been said that tactics win battles, but strategies win wars. While it may not be a matter of life or death, competing for customer attention in any marketplace can often resemble a battlefield. That being the case, every project decision we make is based on positioning our clients as clear victors over such challenges. Our approach allows us to deploy flexible strategies that address customer needs at their root. We value the small picture as it relates to the big. Be it creating a corporate identity package as part of a national marketing campaign or launching a state-wide online marketplace, we are strategy-driven firm.

While the actual details of the process differ from one project to the next, we always stay true to a set of core guidelines.

Delivering the right solutions means asking the right questions. Each client is different and warrants being treated as such. Some clients come to the table with a clean creative slate on which we are given free reign to build their brand. These are the clients that give us the proverbial green light and free license. They tend to have an overall vision but are happy to put the reigns in the hands of our creative team. On the other end, some clients already have a clear idea of what they want. They just need us to executed it. Most of our clients fall somewhere in between these two ends. Either way, this phase of the ThreeCell process is intended to serve as open forum where clients can be as forthcoming with their ideas as they like. Additionally, our team explores your customer base and industry competition. Our experience has taught us that the slight differences between you and your competitor often inspire the best ways of moving forward. Once our team has a clear picture of the client’s expectations, we proceed to the next stage.

ThreeCell Process - Design Process Custom Branding Web Design MultimediaThere’s a lot of ‘noise’ in the marketplace vying for customer attention. Getting customers to give you their time even if it’s for a split second is already considered a feat. But when customers give you their attention, you’ll want to make sure they receive the right message. This is one of the many areas in which ThreeCell shines. Our team of visual experts will create an upscale and refined corporate identity that fittingly reflects your business. More than just aesthetics, the design phase entails creating a visual identity on which a client’s future marketing efforts are built. The reality about customer acquisition and retention is that regardless of the quality of service you provide, your business will be judged on how it looks. It may sound superficial or unfair, but it’s human nature.  There are customers who won’t consider patronizing a business unless it has demonstrated a minimum level of professionalism. Having an impressive brand tells the customer that you as a business owner see the value of investing into your company’s big picture goals. The success of any design be it a logo, website, print campaign or The ThreeCell process is as simple as it is effectivebusiness card is based on the emotion it invokes within a customer. In short, it’s all about the ‘feel good’ effect and highlighting the appropriate benefits to achieve it. Our understanding of visual principles enables us to create distinctive designs that look as impressive as they work. A client will initially be presented with a variety of designs from which to choose. Each mock up will communicate a similar message in distinctly different ways. Having options gives clients the room to explore their ideas and refine their goals if needed. Based on feedback, our team will revise the designs until the full vision of the client is captured. We proceed to the next stage only after the client is 100% satisfied with the new visual brand.

ThreeCell Process - Implementation Process Web Design Print Campaign Social MediaNow that the blueprints have been approved, we start to build. The implementation phase is where the transition between concept to creation takes place. It’s where we apply our technical skills and expertise to the project. From a client-involvement standpoint, this is the phase where they sit can back and watch the ideas from the design phase come to fruition.

In a custom web design example, designs are programmed into fully functional web pages built according to the best HTML coding standards. Any previously requested features such as event registration or e-commerce capabilities will be incorporated into the site. Our sites are SEO-friendly, cross browser compatible, and mobile responsive. The next time the client sees the site, it will have come to life.

ThreeCell Process - Deployment Process Web Design Print Campaign Social MediaThe deployment stage involves releasing the brand to a targeted public. Whether it’s a website or print campaign, this stage focuses on maximizing customer impact. Needless to say, there is no “one size fits all” strategy. One of most distinguishing factors between clients is often their budget. As a full-service firm, it’s always been important for us to be able to help businesses of all sizes. We’ve worked with the multi-million dollar budgets of corporate business as well as the razor thin budgets of bootstrapped startups. The key is being able to set realistic but fully expandable goals. In this sense, a business can grow with their customer base. The trip to the top is never a race. Temporary results only yield temporary success. We view marketing as fluid but focused journey with a timeline. No matter the project, ThreeCell delivers services that yield steady, sustainable, and meaningful growth for our clients.

Building your brand is the first step. Showcasing it to the right people is the next. ThreeCell’s online marketing team has extensive experience marketing to the most diverse of target audiences. At the root of the deployment process is a deep understanding of our clients’ target audiences. Out of this we develop strategies for connecting to client customers in the most effective way possible. From our on-going SEO services to our full-scale social media marketing campaigns, we not only make the cake and add the frosting; we can help you sell it too.

At the end of the day, the ThreeCell process isn’t just about getting a client from point A to point B. Nor is it about just delivering a finished product that a client is happy with. The process is also meant to be highly educational for the client. Client education is very important to us at ThreeCell and it’s a part of every stage in our process. No matter how impressive the marketing and implementation, we know that an educated business owner is ultimately the most important variable in the formula for success.

The ThreeCell process is the product of years streamlining our work flow. Our work has always been a reflection of our process. To see the results of the ThreeCell process, visit our portfolio page.