Vision & Mission Statement

The ThreeCell Vision

ThreeCell VisionThe ThreeCell Vision is special in many ways. When the company was first formed, its cofounders did not set corporate goals in terms of staff and client size. While using analytics like this to confirm growth is very important, our growth as digital agency would never be measured by those things alone. ThreeCell’s success over the years would be guided and checked by a simple question. “Are we having fun helping clients grow their business?” The answer since the beginning has been a resounding “yes”. The enjoyment and satisfaction that comes from helping and educating clients is the fuel that drives our company to new levels of service.

Because of this very reason, we have historically limited the number of active clients we work with in order to ensure the highest-quality of service possible. Being spread too thinly is a common issue faced by company’s looking to grow too much too soon. In these cases, the focus tends to be on the destination and not the journey. The ThreeCell vision is and has been based on the journey. As contrary to the business world as it may sound, the element of “fun” is needed and without it, work product and service suffer. Nearly 14 years later, ThreeCell stands a premiere award-winning digital agency with a loyal customer base of clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to new startups.

At ThreeCell, the process has always been just as important as the product. All of our processes are highly iterative and streamlined, allowing our clients to be a part of all mission-critical milestones. While we embrace our expected role as project leaders, we’ve found that clients who are included in the creative process are happier with the final product. It goes without saying that their ideas and feedback are respected and valued just as much as our own. To learn more about ThreeCell’s approach to project management, click here.

As a company, we’ve adhered to a tried and true business ethic that has put us in a position to thrive in an ever-growing interactive sector. Our business model is quite simple. We consider how we would want to be treated as clients, and we treat our clients the same way. While many contend that there isn’t a place for the Golden Rule in the corporate environment, at ThreeCell, it’s precisely what’s given us the foundation to succeed.