Learn about ThreeCell

In early 2003, the co-founders of ThreeCell set out to create a unique kind of digital advertising agency. The goal was simple. It was to build a firm that provided all the services needed to grow an idea into a flourishing business. ThreeCell would be a place where any business at any stage could turn to for everything they needed to grow. This would include web design, print marketing, seo, social media, hosting, and IT services. This goal has since been achieved and we continue to set new ones to improve our client services. ThreeCell is also unique in that our work is done exclusively by our in-house team. It so happens that our project managers are also our visual and technical experts. This gives clients the rare opportunity to work directly with the those doing the actual designing and coding on a project. Through diligent work and a commitment to a “client first” approach, ThreeCell has enjoyed tremendous growth and continues to operate as a referral-based firm.

Web Design Company

As an award-winning web design company, we know the value of having an impressive website. We also know the consequences of having one that isn’t. The effects of a first-impression run deep. This is why here at ThreeCell, we take great care in designing websites that speak directly to customer needs and preferences. We don’t provide you with premade designs templates. Our websites are 100% customized, distinctive, refined, and functional. We put just as much focus into the technical side of things as we do the visual side. Learn more about ThreeCell and how our web design services can introduce new levels of growth for your business.

Print Marketing Company

Our custom print design work spans the gamut of applications. From corporate identity kits and print advertisements to trade show banners and brochures, our in-house team provides the knowledge and expertise to ensure a maximum impact. Contrary to what some may say, the digital age has increased the need for print marketing. Its exact implementation may have changed. But well-branded print materials still play a major role in the marketing process. Learn more about ThreeCell print marketing services.

Social Media and Online Marketing

Nowadays, social media and online marketing go hand in hand. Social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ have crossed major tipping points on the adoption scale. It’s reached a point where having a social media presence is no longer a luxury. It’s a necessity.  ThreeCell brings years of experience helping clients build their customer base by leveraging the power of social media. There’s an online conversation going on about your company whether you’re apart of it or not. Our social media services will help get a pulse for your industry and your company’s role in it. Learn more about ThreeCell social media services.

Origin of the ThreeCell Name

About ThreeCell - Multimedia Services

The number “3” was used for a couple of reasons. ThreeCell was founded by 3 tech professionals who shared in a passion for using digital media and technology to help businesses. It didn’t matter if it involved creating a corporate logo or setting up an office VPN. The number “3” is also significant because it references the 3-dimensional space into which we take ideas and bring them to life.

The second half of ThreeCell is  connected to the first. Cells are the “functional basic unit of life”. Life of any kind, no matter how basic or complex it appears to be is comprised of them. Similarly, we view our roles in the creative process as the cells which drive the life of our projects. ThreeCell strives to infuse all of its work with a sense of vitality and vibrancy that’s accurately expressed in that of a living cell. Correspondingly, our logo resembles a cellular design encased in 3 rings. We see it as a fitting symbol of who we are and what motivates us.