Information for Teachers on CFCs, the Ozone and Aerosols

Teachers can use information from this site for lessons about the Earth's protective upper ozone, the difference between good ozone (upper) and bad ozone (ground level), CFCs,  and aerosol products.   

The 84 page CAPCO teacher's kit was prepared with the guidance of middle school science teachers and can assist educators in explaining basic scientific principles using aerosol product technology.  Some of these principles include suspensions, the behavior of gases under pressure, gases as propellants and the effect of physical changes and chemical reactions. 

The kit includes a teacher's guide, classroom activities, student materials and experiments as well as the DVD  Another Awesome Aerosol Adventure made by the producers of the popular Beakman's World  TV Series.  It also includes special section of science projects for kids that make good homework assignments.  These materials are easily integrated into teachers' curriculum can be downloaded free of charge by clicking here.

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